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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

2012 Legacy: where do we stand so far?

I recently saw this news item from the excellent International Platform on Sport and Development that Loe Coe, architect of the London Olympic Games, has been appoint as chair of the newly formed international sports development charity International Inspiration.

I was luck enough to be in Portland, Oregon or week or so ago when Coe gave an impassioned speech on the importance of building on the undeniable sense of excitement from the London Olympics and Paralympics.  He was a great communicator, and most of those present had no idea that many of Coe's claims continue to be a matter of heated debate in the UK.

Some people feel that the legacy is now a lost opportunity.  Others that government cuts undermine any potential ambitions.

So perhaps Coe's appointment brings a timely sense of leadership?

This is the rest of the story.

The organisation has been formed through a merger of the II Foundation (IIF), the charity established in 2009 to deliver the London 2012 international sport and social legacy programme, International Inspiration, and International Development through Sport (IDS), a charity founded in 1990 to foster the development of and access to sport in developing countries, initially in southern Africa.

Coe said:
It is an honour for me to be appointed chair of International Inspiration. I am delighted that, through the work of the II Foundation, chaired by my friend and colleague Sir Keith Mills, the promise I made in Singapore back in 2005 has led to millions of children experiencing the inspirational power of the Games. This venture is an opportunity to be involved personally in making sure that the legacy of London 2012 benefits the youth of the world for many years to come, and that the UK continues to blaze a trail as a global leader in enriching lives through sport for development”.

I'm keen to find out what you think about this issue, and have the simplest of surveys for you to complete.  I'll publish the results in a later blog post, along with some of the comments made in the box below the question.

Thank you in advance for your contribution (and please encourage others to have their say, too).

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